5 Ways to Find the Perfect Real Estate Investing Copywriter Today

When you’re looking for a real estate investing copywriter, many real estate investors are tempted to grab the first real estate investing copywriter they see. If you go down this road, you do so at your own peril. Here are five ways to find the best-qualified real estate investing copywriter for your next project.

Great Real Estate Investing Copywriters Aren’t Born – They’re Made

Real estate investing copywriting is very different than other forms of copywriting. If you’re in the business of teaching real estate investing principles to students through real estate investing courses, coaching programs, etc., you’re already well aware that your prospective buyers and students need to be able to wrap their heads around what you have to offer (and why you’re the best possible person to lead their educational journey). A great real estate investing copywriter can help you make the transition from hopeful real estate information product marketer to successful real estate teacher.

The secret to real estate investing copywriting greatness? In a word – experience. I’ve been an incredibly busy real estate investing copywriter for 20 years. Clients still occasionally tell me that they’ve heard of one or two REI copywriters out there making claims that they’re the only real estate investing copywriter anywhere on the web. Rather than getting wrapped up in who is or isn’t  “only” or “best” (subjective terms that can easily be proven or slapped in the face  by the facts) I’d rather focus on only one thing: The success of my real estate investing clients. The fact that I was the first real estate investing copywriter (that I know of) earning his living exclusively on the web pales in comparison to the money my clients are banking as a direct result of my real estate investing copywriting. Nothing else matters.

Some Real Estate Investing Copywriters Make Claims That Can’t Be Backed Up

Copywriters who write about real estate can pretty easily claim that you’ll sell X (fill in any high number you like, keeping in mind that it’s just a guess, kind of like what unscrupulous REI copywriters will do in the hopes that you’ll hire them for a real estate investing copywriting project). The question is: What are these claims based on? Conjecture? Wild guesses? Hope that if a high enough number is given that your eyes will glaze over in anticipation of the life-changing wealth that will flow your way? If you hear firm numbers or guarantees – run, don’t walk – to the nearest exit. And make sure you have your wallet tucked safely into your pocket. You’re being played.

Real Estate Investing Copywriting Skill Isn’t Developed Overnight

Genuine real estate investing copywriting skills are developed only after a series of failures. I should know. Early in my real estate investing copywriting career, I made a series of epic mistakes, hard lessons that taught me valuable lessons that I carry with me to this day. Now that I know what works and doesn’t work – and this changes on a regular basis – my clients reap the rewards of the hard real estate investing copywriting lessons I’ve learned.

The Perfect Real Estate Investing Copywriter Can Put You On the Fast Track to Success

So what makes the perfect real estate investing copywriter? In a word – results. If you find a real estate investing copywriter with a willingness to go to the mat for you and put together copywriting packages that clearly explain to prospects why your product could be the best solution for their real estate educational needs, you’re on the right track. But the numbers don’t lie. Success should be counted by the numbers – conversion rate and dollars in your pocket. But even if you have all of these things, you still haven’t reached perfection.

In my view, real estate investing copywriting perfection can be achieved only when the copywriter can handle all aspects of producing real estate writing greatness for you – from the written copy to the email copy, opt-ins to video scripts and – this is important – putting together your training manual, your real estate investing training course or helping you to position yourself in the industry as the preeminent leader. Once you have all of those things, you have something approaching perfection. Then all you have to do is do what you do best – teach (and enjoy financial fruits of your labors).

If true success is on your shortlist of things to do this year, it’s crucial that you do your part. That might mean taking a good, hard look at your current real estate investing copywriter and asking him (or her) why you continue to struggle and what they plan to do about it. If they don’t have the right answers (or they tell you it’s not their problem – you are, afterall, supposed to be the expert) maybe it’s time to find a real estate investing copywriter who is laser focused on helping you succeed today, no matter what it takes.

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