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Why You Need a Site Audit & Success Blueprint

Do you know with 100% certainty that your website is on firm footing? Without your very own Site Audit & Success Blueprint (SASB), the best you can hope for is your best guess. The SASB is a vital planning tool you can use to inform your planning efforts... and dramatically improve your chances of rocketing through your bucket list of business goals.

Email Marketing

Real Estate Email Marketing is a cost-effective way of selling prospective clients on doing business with you, nurturing new customers, prospects, and clients--and more. This is equally true if you're a real estate or financial professional or you're the principal of a SaaS firm trying to make more sales... or you're a real estate investor or information marketer. Truth is, email drives everything we do in our professional and personal lives. If you're not sending email marketing messages, you're leaving cash on the table. Why not get what's yours?

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Real Estate Landing Page Copywriting

Real Estate Landing Page copy is stupid simple, right? Slap a few words on a page, then wait for adoring audiences to scream "Yes!" with reckless abandon. There are super cheap so-called copywriters out there who don't know how to assemble a quality, emotionally evocative real estate landing page... and others who think A.I. is the answer to their dreams. Pro tip: asking A.I. to generate a workable emotionally responsive landing page is about as likely as Dave Ramsey pushing credit cards.

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Conversion-Focused Results: Only the Most Important Services

Some real estate copywriters try to be everything to everyone. I roll a different way. I focus only on real estate copywriting services (and other cool tools) that will help you move the needle in your business. This means I don't write articles or blog posts, ever, under any circumstances. And I darned sure don't write property descriptions. There's a bunch of other stuff I won't do, no matter how much cashola you wave in my direction. I wake up every day invigorated and ready to dive into the stuff that matters... things that will move the financial needle on your business. I assume you want to drive your business forward?

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All Real Estate Copywriting Services Are Protected By My No Drama Guarantee...

On time. Every time. No BS. No excuses.

If You Think A.I. is the Holy Grail of Real Estate Marketing
You’re on the Wrong Site

You need to differentiate yourself from all the other players in your market. Doesn't matter if you're in the residential, commercial, or multifamily markets; you're a builder, real estate information marketer, asset manager, real estate coach/trainer, or even a real estate investor.

Your prospects already think one real estate pro is no better—and probably no worse—than any other. You're a fool if you think jumping on the "A.I. is the Second Coming of Christ" bandwagon will do anything to set you apart from your competition. All it will do is make it harder to see what makes you different than all the other players in your market. Maybe you're better, maybe you're not. Truth is, nobody'll be able to tell what makes you the better choice if you worship at the ever-loving altar of A.I.

I'm Ken Speegle—The Real Estate Writer—and I am the Anti-A.I. Real Estate Copywriter. I use good old-fashioned ingenuity and creativity to craft compelling real estate marketing messages using timeless direct marketing principles. If you're into chasing untested fads that have about as much uniqueness as vanilla ice cream, you're on the wrong site.

Truly unique, human-generated—and effective—real estate marketing messages based on timeless direct marketing principles? You betcha. Let's talk.

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My Real Estate Copywriting Secret to Writing
Words That Sell Without Sounding Spammy

You need real estate copywriting that converts without sounding spammy or desperate.

Since you lack the time, talent or inclination to write your own real estate copy, you are left with two choices: trust A.I. to create something that doesn't give prospects the impression that you're a soulless robot (not likely since it is by definition a soulless robot)...

...or hire a living, breathing real estate copywriter you hope can drive more actions—clicks, leads, sales, inquiries—because he or she has the skills needed to get you reliable results.

I'm real estate copywriter Ken Speegle and I'm wired different...

...Your project deserves a copywriter who'll leave no stone unturned making sure your copy has every chance of converting.

A lot of copywriters will quickly churn out a rough draft or have A.I. do it because they've never actually written copy themselves, then call it good. Don't forget the part where they act surprised when you tell them the copy is as soulless as a corpse.

Contrast this with how I do things: research, research, research. I learn deeply about your market, your competition, and your offer before writing a single word. Only then do I lock myself away in my creative safespace where I write dozens and dozens of headlines and other copy elements to frame you and your offer. This maximizes the chances your copy will convert.

You and I will go back and forth reviewing the copy. Want something changed? Say so and I'll make it happen. Note: I won't just make changes like an automaton—if I feel your suggestion will hurt permormance, I'll say so. Still want it changed? It's your call.

Is my secret formula for writing real estate copy that converts without sounding spammy or desperate harder and more time consuming than dead, soulless copy written by A.I. or someone who doesn't know what they're doing?

It is. My brand of conversion-focused real estate copywriting is also very expensive.

If you're not down with this, we're not a good fit. You'd probably feel more at home somewhere else. I wish you well.

Still here and like what you've read so far? Then you should apply for a spot on my copywriting calendar.

Click the link, fill out the form, then schedule your call.

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My Clients Say it Best...

Gold Coast Homes (Compass Real Estate), Greenwich, CT

Charlie Vinci

Gold Coast Homes (Compass Real Estate), Greenwich, CT

Ken handled most of the copywriting for our real estate website. His writing style is very personable, flows well, and is well thought out. Along with the quality copywriting, he is a pleasure to work with. Top notch communication throughout the entire project. We made the right choice when we chose Ken to handle our project.

The REO Consultancy, Dallas, TX

John Czerw

REO Expert, Dallas, TX

America's Leading Real Estate Copywriter...Ken Speegle is the antidote to an A.I.-afflicted industry.

Reggie Brooks Group, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Reggie Brooks

Investor, Los Angeles

Ken Speegle is the world's greatest word architect!

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Ken Speegle is a real estate copywriter and marketing strategist who helps his clients to dramatically improve marketing results with conversion-focused real estate copywriting.

Some of Ken's current and past clients include powerhouses like Faris Lee Investments, Madison Partners, Boston Property Development, Toni Haber (NYC real estate), Charlie Vinci, The REO Consultancy, flipOS (now Stoa), Anderson Consulting, Larch Construction, Reggie Brooks, DELREIA—and many more.

Ken nearly died in 2022—more on that in a minute—and and he’s back with an all new outlook and fresh ideas that can grow your business (while honoring timeless direct response marketing principles proven to work).

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Sophisticated, flowery language in your marketing messages might impress your high school English teacher. It won't earn you a penny.

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