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Conversion-Focused Real Estate Copywriting Services

The magical power of effective real estate copy can propel your business to unimagined heights. The words you use in your marketing materials, on your web pages, and in your emails have to work - seamlessly and without fail. Each word must be chosen intentionally. The right words will reassure your prospects that you're the right person to help them solve their real estate problems.

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Facebook Ads

You need a steady stream of buyer and seller leads in order to reach your production and income goals. The most effective way of doing this is to tap into the kind of paid traffic Facebook ads can give you. The challenge you face in assessing whether Facebook advertising is the best option for you is the fact that hundreds of so-called real estate advertising specialists are vying for your marketing dollars. You've likely seen their ads and heard their promises. The Real Estate Writer specializes in Facebook real estate advertising and can help you bring the right blend of targeted, qualified prospects into your world so you can close more deals... You can trust my experience and my results.

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Survey Funnel Copywriting

The secret to maximizing your real estate marketing efforts is to identify your ideal client so you can more effectively and efficiently market only to the right people. The way you do this is by carefully analyzing your business, your strengths, and the demographics of your very best clients... and then adjusting your marketing to capitalize on only the best opportunities.

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Coaching Services

The most successful real estate professionals invest heavily in themselves. If you can't afford to hire me to write all of your copy, this is the option for you. Nestled somewhere between me writing all of your copy and/or marketing materials... and trying to do it all yourself... my small group coaching program is an affordable way for you to multiply your marketing results without the huge investment of hiring me to do it all for you...

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Ken Speegle

Ken Speegle: Your Real Estate Copywriter

If you clicked this link expecting to read the typical, boring real estate copywriting profile, you might be disappointed.

While some people thrive on discussing themselves in the third person, I don’t. I think it’s cocky and more than a little stuck up… sorry – ostentatious.

Instead, here’s a little information to help you understand how I approach real estate copywriting and real estate writing, and how I can help you reach your real estate goals.

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