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Ken Speegle

Ken Speegle: Your Real Estate Copywriter?

Ken Speegle is a real estate copywriter and marketing strategist who helps his clients to dramatically improve marketing results with conversion-focused real estate copywriting.

Some of Ken's current and past clients include powerhouses like Faris Lee Investments, Madison Partners, Boston Property Development, Toni Haber (NYC real estate), Charlie Vinci, The REO Consultancy, flipOS (now Stoa), Anderson Consulting, Larch Construction, Reggie Brooks, DELREIA—and many more.

Ken nearly died in 2022—more on that in a minute—and and he’s back with an all new outlook and fresh ideas that can grow your business (while honoring timeless direct response marketing principles proven to work).

Ken Speegle

Hi, I'm Ken Speegle.

How about we ditch the third person and you just pretend you're reading a letter from a friend? You're probably not into people who spend their lives talking about themselves in the third person. A little too stuffy for my taste.

Hi, I'm Ken Speegle. I live in Illinois with my wife, Becky. We have four grown kids and a few pets, including a Black Lab named Nadia, who loves me way more than I deserve. This probably has less to do with my general awesomeness and more to do with the way I bribe her with treats and long walks.

Most People Don't Know I Nearly Died Last Year

Wanna know what I did last summer? Here's the TL;DR: a literal near-death experience complete with a helicopter ride and a week in intensive care. Want to vicariously (almost) die through someone else without having to experience it first-hand? You can read more about it here if you want:.

I learned that life’s too unpredictable to spend it being aligned with the wrong people. Which brings me to you and your business.

The reason you're on this page is that you have a question: can this fella use real estate copywriting to help me solve my real estate marketing problems? For most, the answer is an emphatic “No!”

Not because I can't—I absolutely can—but way more people reading this page would simply feel mismatched with me as their real estate copywriter. Here’s why...

3 Big Reasons You Shouldn’t Listen to Me

1. I can't make you something you're not (for example, if you don't have a real business).

Most real estate pros want a thriving business, flush with cash. Problem is, too many in the real estate game lack the drive, determination, or skills to make it happen.

If you don't have a real business where you make real offers—with a real product or service—that brings in real money, I can’t help you. Maybe this changes once you get your professional house in order; not yet.

It's another thing entirely if you have a solid product or service and your results aren't as good as you'd hoped. If this describes your situation, this is something I can help to turn around.

2. You worship at the altar of the almighty A.I. or other false idols.

When it comes to A.I., lots of people have opinions. Do what you want with the technology. If it cranks your tractor, plow your fields with it if you like. Just don't ask me to coexist with your A.I. god and expect that I'll bend a knee to it... or that A.I. will miraculously inject personality into your marketing.

Same goes for other false marketing idols—fads of the day that’ll last just long enough to distract you from the only mission that counts: giving your clients and customers products and services that are in their best interest, not because it is easy.

Pro tip: If you're itching to try something new, scratch the itch if you like—by testing it—don't put all your eggs in a single basket.

My real estate copywriting methodology adheres to direct marketing principles because it works. So if you're obsessed with shiny object syndrome, I can't help you.

3. If you're too lazy or scared to take my advice, or you're doing shady things, I won't help you.

This is where I lose a lot of folks. If you're a lazy marketer—the type of person willing to sacrifice results so they don't have to do anything which could mildly be thought of as work, I flat won't help you.

If we're working together, I'll give you advice. It's up to you to take it or ignore it. All I ask is that you please avoid excuses. I once had a client (we'll call him "Monte" to protect the guilty) asked me to write copy for a landing page. When I gave him the copy, he said, “This might work in other markets, with other prospects/customers, but my people are different. They're more sophisticated. They need me to wow them with sophisticated marketing messages.”

The results were less than stellar (the kindest explanation I can offfer).

There's a lesson to be learned: People are people.You might know your market.

I know your prospects, clients, and customers, and what really makes them tick (and it’s not what you think).

What Kinds of Real Estate Copywriting Projects Do I Take On?

  • Real estate landing page copy (squeeze pages, opt-in pages, bridge pages, etc)
  • Lead magnet creation (something of value given to someone in exchange for agreeing to accept marketing messages from a marketer)
  • Email sequences (everything from nurture sequences to messages designed to sell products and/or services)
  • Launch copy (for people selling products, coaching programs, etc.)
  • Long form sales letters and video sales letters (VSLs) - Direct response at its finest, nothing beats long form sales letters and video scripts for quantifiable results.
  • Direct mail (letters and postcards created specifically for your business and your market that doesn't rely on templates which are proven not to work as well as custom direct mail packages.
  • Real estate articles that drive traffic, engagement, and inquiries. I've written thousands of these articles through the years and have a keen understanding of how to write compelling articles. Please note: I no longer write real estate articles for others.

This isn't an all-inclusive list of services I offer. These are the real estate copywriting projects most in demand.

If you're tired of real estate copywriters who half-*ss everything they do, we might be a good fit.

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