3 Real Estate Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Real estate marketing mistakes.

Everybody makes them.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen tremendous real estate success over the long term or you’re still struggling to gain traction in an already crowded market.

Regardless, there’s a pretty good chance your real estate marketing stinks. Most real estate businesses are making the same mistakes, to a greater or lesser degree.


You shouldn’t be. It’s not your fault.

Here are the 3 main real estate marketing mistakes you’re probably making – and how to fix them today.

Real Estate Marketing Mistake #1: Ineffective Real Estate Web Copy

What happens when someone lands on your site? Do they see real estate web copy that immediately grabs their attention and begins laying the groundwork for a business relationship?

Or is the real estate web copy on your site nothing more than a haphazard collection of words?

Words mean things. This is true of the idiot politicians who want us to vote for them so they can steal our money make our world a better place, as well as you in your real estate business. If the real estate web copy on your site isn’t capable of doing the heavy lifting, you have a huge problem.

Now, today, go through each page of copy and ask yourself if the messaging is working and if the copy is engaging. Most importantly, if you were visiting your site for the very first time, would you stick around? Or would you head for the hills?

Real Estate Marketing Mistake #2: Wrong Real Estate Marketing Funnel

What does your real estate marketing funnel consist of? Is it simply a series of unrelated pages with a phone number and/or email address at the top?

If this is true of your site, you don’t have a funnel. You have a glorified digital brochure.

A true real estate marketing funnel is a carefully planned, choreographed work of art. When someone lands in your funnel, they should go through a strategic process that moves them through a systematic process with one single goal: making them a customer.

Does your real estate marketing funnel do this? Look at each stage of your funnel process and ask yourself if you would be converted into a customer if you went through the same process you put your prospects through.

Can you answer this question?

Even if you think you know the answer to this simple question, you need a second opinion. This is especially true if the prospects you dump into your so-called marketing funnel are never seen or heard from again.

A marketing funnel isn’t a black hole – it’s a tool for sequentially convincing people to make a go or no decision about you and your business.

If your real estate marketing funnel is more of a black hole, it’s crucial that you go through each piece of your funnel to make sure that it isn’t hurting your chances of converting prospects into customers.

Real Estate Marketing Mistake #3: Lack of Communication

The final real estate marketing mistake that too many real estate professionals make is one of simple communication – or lack of it. You need to be communicating with your prospects often enough that they don’t forget your name, but not so often they want to pitch lawn darts in your general direction.

Here’s what I typically find when I ask clients about their communication practices…

“Ken, I try to send prospects a message once or twice a week, but sometimes it winds up being once a month, except for months I’m too busy or forgetful to follow up with them. Of course, this isn’t always accurate. Sometimes it’s longer – usually no more than once every few months. Or so.”

If this is your communication schedule, you don’t have a schedule.

You have a disaster.

Here’s the good news: There isn’t a hard and fast rule that says you have to touch base on a certain schedule. What I’ve found that seems to work quite well for my real estate clients is to send them something through email 1-3 times per week.

Isn’t this a lot?

You betcha.

It is a lot.

If you aren’t willing to reach out to prospective clients regularly, what’s the point?

A question I hear with stunning regularity is, “If I send 1-3 messages per week, couldn’t they get mad at me?”

Sure, it could happen.

Look at it this way: The purpose of emailing prospective real estate clients is because you want to make them clients. Not emailing them pretty well guarantees that they will forever remain non-clients.

There’s only one way to make these people your clients: You have to remind them that you still exist and that you can give them the service they want, need and deserve. You do that by sending them messages.

Don’t worry about irritating a prospect or two. If someone whines about getting too many messages from the one real estate professional who can help them, they probably weren’t good prospects anyway.

This Isn’t the Final Word on Real Estate Marketing Mistakes

The good news about fixing your real estate marketing mistakes is that these are 3 of the most common ones. Now for the bad news: You’re probably creative enough to have a list of real estate marketing mistakes that goes above and beyond the scope of this article.

It’s crucial that you get a handle on your marketing… and do all of the little things right that can help you to succeed.

If you need help with your real estate marketing – or think you might – I strongly encourage you to find out now here or fill in the form below.

About Ken Speegle

Ken Speegle is a real estate copywriter and marketing strategist who helps his clients to dramatically improve marketing results with conversion-focused real estate copywriting.

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