TREW Results – Another Satisfied Client

Because my primary focus in my real estate copywriting business is ensuring that clients are blown away by the quality of my work, I often hold my breath while waiting for the client to let me know what he or she thinks of the initial draft. The same was true today, when I pressed the “send” button, and shipped off the first draft of a full website rewrite for a Fortune 500 residential real estate firm.

I received an email a little more than an hour later that said:

“Unbelievable! This is the best real estate web copy we’ve ever seen! You rock!!!!”

While I’m gratified that this particular client is thrilled with the results that I gave them, I won’t be satisfied until I see how their site performs. The reality is, if the words don’t work, it doesn’t matter how pretty they look on computer screens around the world.

Next week, I begin work on a copy revamp for one of their sister sites – a testament to what this client thinks of my work. And I look forward to the challenge of replicating greatness… and helping their business soar to new heights.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of tapping my skills to create real estate copywriting greatness in your real estate business, the best way to get the process started now is by finding out if you qualify.

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