How Top 40 Hits Tap Into Your Emotions… and How Your Real Estate Web Copy Can, Too

real estate web copy secrets harness the power of music

Real Estate Web Copy Is Like Great Music

If you’re anything like me, you love to listen to music. Have you ever noticed how some of the music you listen to really hits you right there – you know, in the heart? You don’t mean for the song to touch you in a profound way – and you darned sure don’t want to get all teary-eyed. But again and again, it happens. You reach for the tissues, then play it again.

Do you know why some music touches you the way it does?

The Psychology of Music Explained… and How It Applies to Your Real Estate Web Copy

It all comes down to tone and pitch. And it doesn’t matter if the song is all that good, evidenced by the fact that Lady Gaga has had numerous hits… and I’m convinced that she has about as much musical talent as I do. (Disclaimer: I do not sing… and the people around me are eternally grateful.)

When music comes in at the perfect tone and pitch, it evokes powerful emotional responses in those listening to it. The best part (for you)? Even if you don’t get teary-eyed, it still hits you in that special emotional place, where your brain subconsciously makes value judgments about music.

Guess What? Incredible Real Estate Web Copy Works the Same Way…

You heard me… Your real estate web copy can work the same way… Here’s the thing… There’s a massive, life-changing if in this phrase… Your real estate web copy can tap into the very same kinds of emotions that great (or good enough) music can if it is written using tried-and-true copywriting principles. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

It really is true, but here’s the kicker: Not all real estate web copy taps into these emotions. The reason? I haven’t yet met a real estate web designer who knows the first thing about writing great copy… If your claim to fame is creating great visual effects, you probably don’t have the chops to string together the right sequence of words that conveys a message clearly…

The same is true of real estate brokers, agents and investors. You might be able to sell real estate at top prices regardless of current market conditions, but it doesn’t mean your sales savvy translates to the written page.

To Tap Into Your Full Real Estate Web Copy Potential, You Need a Pro…

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