Real Estate Agents: Watch Your Behavior In Social Media (You’ll Be Glad You Did)

real estate writing social media adviceLike many Americans, I have a Facebook account. While I use it to keep in touch with family and friends, I also use it for business reasons. Real estate professionals — agents, brokers, investors and trainers — who should know better, continually prove to me that they don’t. They post material that could kick them in the seat of the pants at some point in the future.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Writing Real Estate Copy That You Shouldn’t

Don’t make the same mistake that so many others have. Assume that Eric Schmidt, the Google executive who seems to think he has a right to know everything about everyone, has an army of web spiders dutifully reading everything you post on Facebook and other social media websites. Here’s the reality: once you post pictures, comments or other potentially embarrassing material on Facebook, it is entirely possible that it could be read by the whole world (particularly if you have a “juicy” bit of information). If the information goes viral or you become famous at some point, your dirty laundry will be aired for all to see.

Protect yourself and your real estate business interests. You may have had a heck of a time in Las Vegas, but keep the specific details tucked safely away in your mind.

That way you’ll never have to explain yourself to clients or potential clients — or reassure potential business partners that you won’t tuck any of their investing cash into the skimpy clothing that a “dancer” is (almost not) wearing.

It’s your real estate business — act like it.


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Ken Speegle is a real estate copywriter and marketing strategist who helps his clients to dramatically improve marketing results with conversion-focused real estate copywriting.

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