Charrissa Cawley

I found Ken Speegle by accident and first utilized his services on a project I was doing that had a tight deadline. Little did I know that he would not only get that first project back to me way ahead of schedule, but he blew me away with his talent. Since that first project, we have gone on to work together on a weekly basis. We’re working on many new real estate copywriting projects together and I can’t imagine not having him as a part of my team now. He’s not only the best real estate copywriter out there but he over-delivers on every single project as far as the timeline, the quality of the work,  and our expectations. I feel truly blessed to have found such a talented writer to work with us on one of the most important aspects of our business!

Charrissa Cawley

Real Estate Speaker, Author and Trainer
REI Conferences, Inc.

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