Serdar Bankaci

The Real Estate Writer has made our life much easier. Ken Speegle is quick, creative, and on the ball, allowing me to focus on other things while he handles my online newsletters and press releases. The Real Estate Writer knows real estate and always gives me final draft perfection on the first try. I can focus my energy on other things and more efficiently reach my goals by harnessing the skills of The Real Estate Writer! 

Serdar Bankaci, CEO
Default Research, Inc.

About Ken Speegle

Ken Speegle is a real estate copywriter and marketing strategist who helps his clients to dramatically improve marketing results with conversion-focused real estate copywriting.

Some of Ken's current and past clients include powerhouses like Faris Lee Investments, Madison Partners, Boston Property Development, Toni Haber (NYC real estate), Charlie Vinci, The REO Consultancy, flipOS (now Stoa), Anderson Consulting, Larch Construction, Reggie Brooks, DELREIA—and many more.

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