Reggie Brooks

I hired The Real Estate Writer for an important project – and shortly after starting – realized I was under-utilizing his skills.  As a result, I pulled him off that project and turned him loose on a much more important project that was a critical component of my overall marketing plan.  To say he delivered the results I needed is an understatement!  Not only are his writing skills top-notch, but The Real Estate Writer’s real estate copywriting skills are second-to-none.  I’ve hired a lot of writers in my day, but never – NEVER – have I had one hit such a towering home run on the FIRST PITCH!  He’s more expensive than the competition – but the RESULTS he delivers pays off 100X the investment.  The Real Estate Writer is my go-to guy for ALL of my critical writing and real estate copywriting assignments.  Hire The Real Estate Writer – you won’t be disappointed; I’ve never been! 

Reggie Brooks
Real Estate Investor, Platform Speaker, Trainer, Marketing Expert


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