Irving Diaz

In early 2009, our firm began a strong push towards online and social media marketing in an effort to attract prospective real estate clients that we would have otherwise not been able to reach. The objective was to create an SEO optimized website that would attract qualified leads, which could then be converted into closed transactions. Understanding the importance of developing a content rich site, we needed a professional real estate copywriter with real estate industry experience to assist in providing the necessary keyword heavy substance that would generate traffic. After a month of research and interviewing various real estate copywriters from across the nation, we decided on hiring Ken Speegle, The Real Estate Writer. He took the time to listen to our needs and asked the right questions, even some that we hadn’t even thought about. After understanding our business and the type of prospects that we were seeking to attract, he developed customized real estate writing geared specifically towards our target audience. As a result of his efforts, we achieved top ranking in various search sites, including Google, and increased our sales success. We thank Ken Speegle every chance we get for his great real estate copywriting results and continue to employ his services in our business development efforts.

Irving J. Diaz, President
Irving Diaz & Associates
Miami, FL


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