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Hands down, The Real Estate Writer is the absolute best real estate copywriter I have worked with. He totally understood what I needed and ran with the project. He nailed it on the very first submission. The best part about working with The Real Estate Writer is that Ken Speegle understands the big picture that is so important in real estate copywriting (building trust, getting our message across, and promoting our services and products). If you want a high quality product, Ken Speegle is the real estate copywriter you should hire. You can’t go wrong.

(Name withheld by request)
Real Estate Investor & Trainer
Baltimore, MD


About Ken Speegle

Ken Speegle is a real estate copywriter and marketing strategist who helps his clients to dramatically improve marketing results with conversion-focused real estate copywriting.

Some of Ken's current and past clients include powerhouses like Faris Lee Investments, Madison Partners, Boston Property Development, Toni Haber (NYC real estate), Charlie Vinci, The REO Consultancy, flipOS (now Stoa), Anderson Consulting, Larch Construction, Reggie Brooks, DELREIA—and many more.

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